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Maker Mayhem Mobile Studio

Maker Mayhem PDX classes are all about the process of creativity and and being in a social creative environment. There is more of a focus on the process of creating and being with other creators than on the end product. In each class there is project instruction with a little classic instruction thrown in to encourage the process of learning as we create but how we create and get to the goal is up to each individual. By letting the artist have freedom of choice it creates confidence, focus, refined motor skills, self awareness and a sense of peace. 

Instruction includes painting, sculpture, collage, sensory play, science and drawing. 

A little about me, My name is Jennifer and I went to the American Academy of Art in Chicago where I achieved a degree in illustration and fine art. I have taught art classes in Chicago, owned a parent's magazine (like PDX Parent) where I was the publisher and graphic artist, I have also been a graphic artist in Big Sky Montana, a children's librarian and a nanny.

I hope to create with you soon!

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